Insulation Part 3

 In the door panels there are these tabs that lead to the outside. I covered them up with a urethane. 
 Here is what one quarter panel full of the Thinsulate looks like. 

  I used the existing panels as a template to make my Reflectix layer.   


Here’s a look at a completed quarter panel. I used reflectix tape around the edges. 

   In the front of the cab, I’m going ahead and adding Rattletrap to the doors. I’ve decided I want to insulate the cab and passenger area as much as possible. The stuff is sticky and I just rolled it on with a solid heavy roller.  


3 thoughts on “Insulation Part 3”

  1. Hi there. Found your website from Sprinter-Source forum. Just wondering if you insulated the cab area as well? We were on a recent trip to Utah and noticed that in the morning we had a lot of water dripping down from our headliner onto the dash/cab area. 😐 I’m assuming this can’t be good. Anyhow I look forward to hearing how/if you did yours.



    1. Hi Micelle. I found the cab to be fairly well insulated. The windows are big up there with causes a lot of condensation when your breathing warm air inside. So my wife sewed a curtain in the front and that helps insulate warm breath from the Windows. I’ve heard of folks insulating the roof of the cab and the doors. I’ve insulated the doors and my roof has a pop top on it, so that help insulate if we’re camping with the roof down. Finally, the combination of a roof fan and our diesel heater is the real game changer. It dry’s out a pile of wet clothes within an hour.


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